The like feature is arguably another very powerful Facebook force (the other powerful Facebook force being the Relationship Status feature) because a lot of Facebook users depend on it. Facebook users do not choose to post things just to post them. What would be the point? We want our friends to see what we post and as an additional perk most of us really enjoy seeing them endorse what we share.

We should strive to improve ourselves and one way to receive an objective estimation of our improvement is through feedback. This makes sense. On the other hand, maybe it’s not so much about gaining a sense of confidence as it is about boosting our sense of self-worth. Emotionally, feeling approved of makes us feel more confident. We all seek approval at least some of the time. We need people to tell us that we’re smart, fully, pretty, hard-working or athletic. Mostly, we need people to tell us that we’re amazing.

For a lot of us, it seems that gaining acceptance (more than any other factor) directly influences how we measure our own value. This is why we put so much value on other people’s opinions. The irony of course, as I learned through my own life experiences, is that the dependence for external approval is actually the killer of self-esteem because when we rely too much on approval, we give away our power. We end up trying to improve ourselves and living our lives this way – for other people.


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