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Facebook is not a personal diary!

Social Media is beginning to affect our relationships. Facebook is a public forum, not a personal diary. Voicing your problems about your relationship to your Facebook friends may provide an immediate tension release, but it will likely lead to problems in the long run. Working things out with your partner without the help of Facebook demonstrates respect  for you both.    
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You are not your Facebook profile

The Facebook journey begins with our profile picture. When we log on for the first time we are instructed to post a photo, then our favorite quotes, favorite songs and favorite movies. We construct our online identity. The way we present ourselves to the world – online or offline – does not necessarily represent reality, however many Facebook users behave as if it did. These constructed identities – genuine or not – can have a negative effect on self-esteem, identity and social interactions.   
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It’s Complicated

An interesting choice for a Facebook relationship status is “It’s Complicated.” This option allows you to instantly tell your friends that you’re happily – or not so happily – involved, or that you’re single once again. This option is also an instant and dramatic way to get attention from your partner. On an extreme level, it’s code for “I’m in a relationship, but am willing to cheat.”
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