In real life we form our “sense of self” mostly through our life experiences and feedback from others. We learn by constantly comparing our personal beliefs against the opinions of others. Ideally, we grow up in a healthy and loving home where our family members allow us to be ourselves. However, if our environment is less than friendly, if the constant feedback we receive from others is overly critical or negative, then our sense of self is shaken. We begin to question our self-worth, resulting in depression and low self-esteem.

Resisting this negative feedback often requires an essential change in where we draw our self-worth; we must become self-aware enough to draw on our inner strengths to define ourselves and not on the opinions of others. Raising our self-awareness requires making our inner “voice” stronger than the outer “noise” heard from others; however, this can be difficult, especially when we find ourselves in situations where we receive instant and constant feedback from multiple sources at the same time. Social Media is a powerful example of such a situation. Many people are placing as much importance on how they appear online as they do to how they appear to others offline.

inner voice

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