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In Defense of Dark Sexual Fantasy

A few months back I met with a man who told me about his sexual fantasy involving oral sex with honey-soaked Rice Krispy treats. There’s something about the texture, he explained, that would enhance the experience. A woman I met in New Orleans shared her fantasy – she imagined herself licking chocolate off of a man’s leg “stump” after amputation. I wish I could try it…I can’t stop thinking about it. Another client shared his ultimate sexual turn-on involving urine-soaked cinnamon buns during sadomasochistic sex with his wife. Needless to say, his wife was not entirely on-board with this idea.
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If It’s On My Facebook Wall, It Happened, Right?

We love talking about ourselves. In fact, research shows that talking about ourselves triggers the same parts of our brains as when we’re eating or having sex. The need toshare aspects of ourselves in’t so surprising. All you have to do is attend a cocktail party. In almost every corner you will hear conversations about a person’s life, their family, their jobs, how many networking contacts they have, the parties they attended, and how crazy they got last Friday night. People get excited when given the opportunity to share their story. And along comes the Facebook “gathering” to fulfill this
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