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Is Privacy on Facebook an Oxymoron?

I, like all of you, am not so sure anymore about what should be completely private in the social media age. Even those with professional pages on Facebook are blurring the lines between their personal and professional lives. So what are we to do with blurry eyes? Do we simply give up what we once held sacred or do we try to reach for greater levels of privacy among a not-so-private way of communicating? Who is seeing our information anyway? So far, it seems that we have three main privacy “leaks” – what we see, what our friends see, and
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Facebook Connection over Privacy

The more we post on Facebook, the more our decisions, lifestyles and beliefs become under scrutiny. How many of us can take this scrutiny or even want to? Some people seem to like the attention. In fact, some people even seek bold responses by posting over-the-top commentary and remarks intended to spark controversy. On the other hand, many of us do not like to be judged. We may not be prepared to hear the truth about ourselves. But on some level this mentality seems awfully hypocritical. If we willingly put our opinions out there, why would we expect our friends
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