Clinical Psychologist, Writer & Public Speaker

As a clinical psychologist, my work centers on discovering the source of people’s distress. Recently, I’ve noticed that the source of my client’s anxiety had a new dimension: Facebook. Over the past three years, I’ve studied the effects of social media on self-perception and interactions. I am currently writing a book on how social media is affecting our emotions, relationships and our lives.

Dr. Suzana E. Flores is a licensed clinical psychologist with over ten years experience. She has interviewed Facebook users of all ages for three years exploring the positive and negative features of Facebook and evaluating the effect it has on our lives. A social-media expert and commentator, Dr. Flores is sought after as a speaker and author on national and international newscasts, podcasts, radio shows.

Recently Dr. Flores was featured on The Mancow Show, National Public Radio (NPR), and Univision Station News. She interviewed for, Everyday Health Magazine,, Dame Magazine, The Nation Magazine,, New Parent Magazine, La Raza Newspaper,, and Mundo Fox.